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name: veronica
age: eighteen
location: midwest

aspiring zumba instructor.
health enthusiast.
gym bunny.
beauty guru.
crafty chic.


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my new obsession:

i’m totally nerding out right now about this new blender i bought today at target. it’s the hamilton beach single serve blender with travel lid (in pink.) it’s the perfect size for one.
no more lugging around the big and bulky pain-in-the-butt blender just to make a smoothie for one :)

the first smoothie i made included: FAGE greek yogurt, skim milk, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, and spinach - and it was deeeelicious. i can’t wait to experiment with more ingredients :)
the ONLY complaint i have is that the blender isn’t hot pink as picture on the box - but rather a dark pink/purple color. i really don’t give a crap but say if i were planning the perfect pink kitchen - i might mind!

just thought i’d share this wonderful find with y’all. oh and did i mention that it’s also only $15?!

anyway, i had a really good day today - i ate clean and worked my butt off and hope to top this fitness streak off with some hatha yoga later on tonight.

ooooo, i almost forgot i bought something else neat today - a dragonfruit!

i haven’t tried it yet but am so excited to!
i found it at this adorable little oriental food market by my gym.

my muscles are sore, and my body isn’t used to walking such long distances in one sitting. with that being said i’m going to log off, take some pain killers, and watch bridesmaids with my momma. i’m going to push through any pain i might be experiencing tomorrow.

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i took this picture after eating a breakfast - i’m much leaner when i first wake up. extremely proud of the progress i’ve made so far. however there’s still a long way to go.

i took this picture after eating a breakfast - i’m much leaner when i first wake up. extremely proud of the progress i’ve made so far. however there’s still a long way to go.

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8 miles a day…

the plan is to walk to and from the gym everyday this week.

that’ll be a total of 40 miles! kind of excited.

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light eating and exercise:

breakfast: oatmeal, mixed fruit, toast w/ egg. 20 oz water.

snack: almonds, grapes, string cheese.

lunch: brown rice w/ lean ground turkey. small yam. 40 oz water.

snack: greek yogurt.

snack: grapes and almonds. 20 oz water.

dinner: turkey burger (no bun) corn and salad.

this is an example of how i eat on the days that i’m resting (light walking, biking, and yoga)

2.84 mile walk.
30 minutes hatha yoga.

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cheers to a new month :)

instead of biking to and from the gym yesterday i decided to walk - not only do you burn more calories that way but being that it’s fall it has been windy (i hate biking in the wind with a passion.) 
i used an app on my tele (endomondo) that could give me my stats.
i walked a TOTAL of 7.50 miles in 124 minutes, burning 618 calories.
my trainer and i decided that i should take it easy this weekend with some light walking and yoga since i’ve been experiencing some severe pain coming from my ear. it has also since started to bleed. from what i’ve read online it’s a ruptured eardrum and will heal on it’s own - so i guess we will see. depending on how i’m feeling this upcoming week i am going to try walking to and from the gym everyday.
here’s what i have scheduled at the gym:
monday - legs/glutes.
tuesday - triceps/chest/shoulders.
wednesday - biceps/back.
thursday - legs/glutes - more arms.
friday - abs.
+ 30 minutes of cardio before each session.
+ yoga every night before bed.
i’m going to make this month my bitch - CLEAN EATING and LOTS of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. i want to lose 10 LBS of fat by the end of october. let’s do this!

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